Cheap International Business Class Tickets

business class Business class is a travel class which is available on almost all commercial airlines and railway lines. Originally in airlines, business class was the intermediate level of service between first class and economy class. But now-a-days business class is offered as the highest level of service eliminating first class seating. Business class can be differentiated from other travel class by the quality of food, seating, ground services, drinks and other amenities.

You must be thinking business class tickets are way too costly. But you can find the best and cheap international business class tickets at You will also find the best quality services here.

Bookitbusiness is basically a boutique travel agency. It provides its customers exceptional services. You will find the best and lowest prices for your international business airfare. They have quick, professional and friendly services, which helps you get cheap business class airfare. You get the best deals on international business airfare and also save an average of 30% – 70% compared to any other agencies. You get services for 24 hours and 7 days of the week, and even every day of the year, which makes your flight enjoyable.

If you are having a lot of questions about them, here are a few frequently asked questions which might help you decide as to why you should opt for bookitbusiness.

  • Why book with bookitbusiness?

online flight bookingBookitbusiness only deals with clientele who want to fly in business class. Many other online flight booking companies charge more for business class tickets. Bookitbusiness tries to minimize your cost as well as maximize your satisfaction. They save an average of 30% – 70% of ticket price.

  • What is the guarantee for the best price?

Bookitbusiness guarantees that you will find the best price for your ticket. If you happen to find a lower price anywhere else for the same ticket you bought here, then you will be refunded the difference in the fare.

  • Why there is no online booking?

The main reason for this is that, bookitbusiness negotiates ticket fare with airlines and resellers. Thus these prices cannot be put up online as each case will be unique. However you are guaranteed with services which are convenient, fast and enjoyable.

  • How does bookitbusiness offer airfare less than the fares published by the airlines?

You must have seen a lot of half-empty cabins in business class. Here you will have higher class services, more space and more attention from extremely good flight attendants. These luxury seats are often sold for fractions of what you pay for your ticket. Bookitbusiness generally has access to such tickets through ticket consolidators and resellers. Ticket consolidators are the ones who usually purchase more number of tickets and get a huge discount rate on each ticket. Thus, you will reach your destination with luxuries and comfort at the best and cheap fare.

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

All credit cards such as American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover and PayPal are accepted.

  • Bookitbusiness works with which airlines?

Bookitbusiness works with all the best airlines worldwide.

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