The Top 10 Camping Tents

Camping TentsCamping is always regarded as the best way to plan out your holidays. The vital part of a camping program is the use of tents. Tents have been a part of our life since ancient times but when it comes to camping we can easily see them in a large variety. If you are going out for a camp and searching about the types of tent to use, then this article will provide you knowledge about the top 10 camping tents.

Listed below are the top 10 camping tents in this present season:
1) Retreat Sixty
It is a tent which is ideal for the whole weekend and termed as an all-rounder. It is light in weight and compact enough to fit in your small car. Although it is compact when folded but has a wider space inside when used in your camps. A maximum of two to three persons can easily sleep in this tent and there is also a free space for some extra stuff.
2) Field Candy
It is one of the brand new tents used in the camps during these days. If you have a top view of the tent then it might look at a big paperback book which has been dropped on the ground. The tent has strong pegs along with good quality zips and lockable pouches to store your stuff. Each tent has got a padlock, hammer and peg puller as some the accessories.
3) Gelert Quickpitch
It takes a few seconds if you want to build a ‘gelert quickpitch’ tent. It is also loved in the festival season and people who want to campaign for a longer period of time. There are many colors and designs of the tent to choose from.
4) Vaude
If you are an environmental camper then this is the best suited tent for you. It is made up of recycled polyester and can easily accommodate three persons. The tent has got optimal ventilation through the vestibules at its entrances.
5) Gelert
If your campaign with your full family and looking for a tent which can used for many years, then Gelert is the best option for you. The space, light and the height of the tent is too good and requires less technique for erecting it.
6) Urban Escape
People who are looking for a five man tent will be pleased by its beauty, space and light in the living area. It is one among the top 10 tents because of the extra door which provides shelter from sun and rain.
7) Outwell
It is one of the most purchased tents among the camping freaks. It has a spacious living area along with a side porch with a detachable bathtub. An extra carpet and footprint ground sheet is also available for those people who want to relax and enjoy in the campaign season.
8) Halfords
Are you feeling tired after covering a long journey towards your camping area? Then Halfords can help two persons to chill and regain their energy. It has all basic things which you will need for a perfect sleep like, two sleeping bags along with camping chairs and mats.
9) MotherCare
It can a great option to keep the sun and wind off from the face of your little infant, if you are camping near the beach or in the garden. The tent has a cooling air vent at its back panel and few storage pockets. The doors of the tent can fold to form the shape of a play mat.
10) Mountain Equipment
It will be suited in a serious camp where people are willing to stay in any weather conditions. This is a two man tent, lightweight and can be quickly built up to protect you from extreme weather conditions.

These were the Top 10 Camping Tents which are used in most of the camps, whether planned in a small garden, large beach side or on the high mountains.